Changing Permissions and Ownership on Linux filesystem

Managing Linux permission can be tricky at times. Although it is possible to manage permission from GUI interface on most of Linux distributions, in this article we will go over basic CLI permission and ownership management of files and directories. Key commands that can help you manage the permissions and ownership of a file are…

Add directory to PATH variable CentOS and Red Hat

When we running a command in Linux, logically we should type the full path to that command. For example, since the pwd command is in the /bin directory, we should actually type the /bin/pwd command to list files in the current directory. With the benefit of the PATH, an environment variable, that’s not required. The…

Using ACLs (Access Control Lists) with Linux filesystem

This article was written specifically for Red Hat and CentOS but concept will be the same for other Linux distributions. In this article we will go over ACLs for Linux and how they can be used to control access to files and directory’s on Linux file system. ACLs start with ownership and permissions. ACL on…

How to setup Master Slave DNS with Bind and CentOS 6.x

In this how to we will look into setting up two name DNS servers master and slave using Bind and CentOS 6.5. We will setup primary zone labzone.local on dns1.local server and slave zone labzone.local on dns2.local server. We assume our DNS information is public and will not setup chrooted environment although for additional security…

Using rcp on Linux system to copy files

RCP – Remote Copy Protocol Is used to copy files between two Unix/Linux systems. We do not recommend using this utility since it is unsecured and sends data over network without encryption.

Linux shell basics

In this quick tutorial we will look at few different Linux shells , main shell configuration files and few quick tricks that will help you when working with shell commands.

Install Monitorix Project on CentOS 7 or RedHat 7

Monitorix is excellent monitoring tool that can monitor many services and system resources. It is free and open source. It has been created to be used under production Linux/UNIX servers. We found that some guides and articles on Internet do not show how to correctly install it on CentIOS 7 or RedHAT 7 based servers….

Manually migrate LVM based vm from one KVM hosts to another

We have a KVM based VM on LVM volume that we need to migrate to different host. This is not hot-live migration and will be done offline. Lets looks at steps required to get it done. There may be many different ways to do it and this is just one of them.

How to find php script that sends mail from your linux system

We run into a problem where customers Linux vm was sending a lot of unwanted messages. In order to troubleshoot this problem we did 2 things. Instructions below are for CentOS 6 and 7 but will also work on other distributions with minor configuration changes. Option 1

Create and Mount LVM Volume

In this article we will look into creating LVM volume on remaining not partitioned space and formatting logical volume with ext4 file system . We also will look into mounting it via fstab. In our LAB we will use CentOS7 vm to demonstrate our steps.