Monitoring SMTP with Nagios

In this quick how to we will look at monitoring Publicly available SMTP servers with Nagios. We will be doing basic monitoring just to see weather server resopnds on port 25 within 10 seconds. We will be using plugin called check_smtp. Prerequisites: We already have Nagios up and running and will be monitoring two SMTP…

Adding Nagios plugin to NRPE check

In this example we will add check_ntp_time plugin to nrpe checks. We already have fully functioning NAGIOS monitoring server and client running NRPE. We are runnign CentOS 7 on both Nagios server and client.

Getting started with Ansible on CentOS 7

Ansible is excellent tools for automating deployment and provisioning on your network systems. It comunicates over ssh and does not require any additional software installed on client side. We will take a look at very basic setup and configuration on CentsOS 7.

Setup SFTP on UBUNTU 16.x with Active Directory authentication

In this tutorial we will look into setting up sftp server for users on Ubuntu 16 which will be authenticating through Active Directory. This will be a two step process consisting of first connecting Ubuntu server to Active Directory and then setting up SFTP for AD users.

Cpanel whm server sending spam mail

We had a case when one of the customers complained of being blacklisted because his whm server was sending spam. We had to act fast in order to stop this. We did the following.

How to copy files and directories between Linux hosts with scp

In this how to we will go over scp copy command and how it can be used to securely copy files between Linux hosts. SCP uses SSH for data transfer and also uses it for authentication. By default SCP works on port 22 which is default ssh port. For security reasons it is recommended to…