MailScanner blacklisting and whitelisting smtp addresses

Lets take a look at what it takes to create whitelists and blacklists rule sets on MailScanner based Email gateways. We assume MailScanner is installed on CentOS version 7, but it should also work on other Linux Distributions.

Deploy AWStats on CentOS 7 to report SMTP traffic

Let’s look at deploying AWStats on CentOS 7 Mail gateway running postfix and MailScanner 1. First lets install httpd if not yet installed yum install httpd 2. In order to install AWStats we will need to install and add EPEL repository yum install epel-release 3. Now we can install AWStats yum install awstats AWStats Configuration…

Manage Time service on RH and CentOS 7

When Linux system first boots the hardware clock is read first. The time on the hardware clock read from local hardware clock in UTC – Universal Time. Local time is the actual time in the current time zone. System time, unlike Hardware clock maintained by operating system. System clock is completely independent of the hardware…

Deploy Certificate or renew certificate on Zimbra server

In this example we used Zimbra Admin interface to create csr. This is done by going to Configure – Certificates then right click on the server name and then select install certificates. In the menu choose create csr. Ones comepleted submit to certificate authority of your choice – We used Go Daddy. Ones verified we…

Deploy LAMP on CentOS7

Many open source p[projects require LAMP with database and database user ready to go. Here we will look at basic commands on CentOS7 to get it up and running quickly.

Monitoring SMTP with Nagios

In this quick how to we will look at monitoring Publicly available SMTP servers with Nagios. We will be doing basic monitoring just to see weather server resopnds on port 25 within 10 seconds. We will be using plugin called check_smtp. Prerequisites: We already have Nagios up and running and will be monitoring two SMTP…

Adding Nagios plugin to NRPE check

In this example we will add check_ntp_time plugin to nrpe checks. We already have fully functioning NAGIOS monitoring server and client running NRPE. We are runnign CentOS 7 on both Nagios server and client.

Getting started with Ansible on CentOS 7

Ansible is excellent tools for automating deployment and provisioning on your network systems. It comunicates over ssh and does not require any additional software installed on client side. We will take a look at very basic setup and configuration on CentsOS 7.