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Install AWS SSM agent on CentOS 7 on Prem

Under Systems Manager go to Hybrid Activation’s and create activation Get activation code and ID Download ssm manager with this link replacing region names with your region wget Replace the placeholder values with the Activation Code and Activation ID generated when you create a managed-instance activation, and with the identifier of the AWS Region

Collecting Logs from Amazon EC2 CentOS Instances

Create IAM roles or users that enable the agent to collect metrics from the server and optionally to integrate with AWS Systems Manager. Install the agent package. Modify the CloudWatch agent configuration file and specify the metrics that you want to collect. Install and start the agent on your servers. As you install the agent

How to extend Centos 7 Linux LVM partition in AWS

This is how you would expand / partition on CenetOS based AWS image lsblk Install grpowpart yum install cloud-utils-growpart -y Grow partition growpart /dev/xvda 2 Reboot your instance Extend Volume pvresize /dev/xvda2 Extend logical volume lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/mapper/centos-root Extend filesystem For ext4 resize2fs /dev/mapper/centos-root For XFS xfs_growfs /dev/centos/root