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Building MariaDB Master Salve replication cluster CentOS 7

Assumptions: We have 2 Linux VMs with 5.5.56-MariaDB. IP address and We have 3 existing databases on cluster1.local – mydb1, mydb2, mydb3 Setup Master (cluster1.local) Edit my.cnf file vi /etc/my.cnf bind-address = server_id=1 log-basename=master1 log-bin replicate-do-db = mydb1 replicate-do-db = mydb2 Restart MariaDB systemctl restart mariadb Inside MariaDB prompt GRANT REPLICATION SLAVE

How to reset forgoten mysql root password

It is very frustrating when you can not remember your mysql password, but don’t panic there is a quick way to reset it and it only takes one minute. This should work on CentOS 6 and 7 and RedHat distributions.

Install phpMyAdmin CentOS7

In this write up will will look into installing phpMyadmin web based front end for MariaDB and MySQL databases on CentOS7. In our example we will provide ip address and on local network access to phpMyadmin on web server websrv1 while denying access to everyone else. We assume LAMP stack was already deployed