Category: LVM

Expand KVM based image with lvm partition

Lets take a quick look at how to expand kvm raw image with lvm partition running CentOS7 guest. We will need to download gparted for this to re-size image. It cam be downloaded from here. We will be expanding our image by 10G.

Manually migrate LVM based vm from one KVM hosts to another

We have a KVM based VM on LVM volume that we need to migrate to different host. This is not hot-live migration and will be done offline. Lets looks at steps required to get it done. There may be many different ways to do it and this is just one of them.

Create and Mount LVM Volume

In this article we will look into creating LVM volume on remaining not partitioned space and formatting logical volume with ext4 file system . We also will look into mounting it via fstab. In our LAB we will use CentOS7 vm to demonstrate our steps.