Fixing Zimbra 8.0 and up Network service error on webinterface login

During one of our Zimbra 8.6 deployment projects customer start having intermittent issue with users not being able to login to web interface with error “Network service error occurred”

Zimbra Support and Consulting

In order to quickly resolve this problem you will need to login to your zimbra mailbox server (in case of multi server setup), and execute following commands as zimbra user.

su zimbra
zmprov ms `zmhostname` zimbraInvalidLoginFilterMaxFailedLogin 0
zmprov mcf zimbraInvalidLoginFilterMaxFailedLogin 0
zmmailboxdctl restart

Detailed explanation

The reason we get this error is because starting ZIMBRA 8.0 new DoSFilter was added to prevent denial of service attacks and throttle clients sending a large number of requests over a very short period of time. It is enabled by default.
The following configuration options are available.
DoSFilter Delay (milliseconds) – zimbraHttpDosFilterDelayMillis
Delay imposed on all requests over the rate limit, before they are considered at all. -1 = Reject request, 0 = No delay, any other value = Delay in ms. The default is -1.

To modify in the global configuration; e.g. set the delay to 20ms:

zmprov mcf zimbraHttpDosFilterDelayMillis 20

DoSFilter Maximum Requests Per Second – zimbraHttpDosFilterMaxRequestsPerSec
Maximum number of requests from a connection per second. Requests in excess of this are throttled. The default is 30 and the minimum is 1.

To set the maximum number for requests in the global configuration:

zmprov mcf zimbraHttpDosFilterMaxRequestsPerSec 100

A mailbox server restart is required when modifying these attributes.