Install and configure Zimbra 8.8 PolicyD

This example works for single server running Zimbra 8.8

su - zimbra
zmprov ms `zmhostname` +zimbraServiceInstalled cbpolicyd +zimbraServiceEnabled cbpolicyd

Next step must be executed as root

cd /opt/zimbra/data/httpd/htdocs/
ln -s ln -s ../../cbpolicyd/share/webui

Edit config file putting “#” on front of all the lines beginning with $DB_DSN and adding the following line just before the line beginning with $DB_USER.

vi /opt/zimbra/common/share/webui/includes/config.php

Edit httpd.conf file and add below at the bottom of the file

vi /opt/zimbra/conf/httpd.conf
Alias /webui /opt/zimbra/common/share/webui/

AllowOverride AuthConfig
Order Deny,Allow
Allow from all

Restart services

su - zimbra -c "zmcontrol restart"
su - zimbra -c "zmapachectl restart"

Now you should be able to access policyd using link below