Create and Mount LVM Volume

In this article we will look into creating LVM volume on remaining not partitioned space and formatting logical volume with ext4 file system . We also will look into mounting it via fstab. In our LAB we will use CentOS7 vm to demonstrate our steps.

Secure OpenSSH with Key based authentication and TCP Wrappers

SSH-Secure Shell was created to provide secure mechanism for data transfer between source and destination hosts on IP based network. SSH uses encryption techniques and digital signatures data checking to ensure security of data being transferred. OpenSSH is free and open source. It also supports additional features like tunnelling, TCP port forwarding and X11 forwarding.

Backup WordPress website with Python script

This is very simple script to backup wordpress based website. It could be used to backup any LAMP based site as well. There are many ways to backup wordpress site. This particular python script is very simple. It cosists of few variables backup_path = '/mnt/backup' # where backup files should be placed source_directorie = '/var/www/html/'

Deploy Zimbra 8.6 in Multi-Server setup with CentOS7

In this deployment we will have 2 Zimbra Open Source Edition servers running on the internal network. In most cases we would recommend running Zimbra MTA on the DMZ but in this deployment we already had  existing gateway scanning messages. Order of Installation Zimbra LDAP srv Zimbra Mailbox srv Zimbra MTA srv Zimbra Proxy srv

Absolute and Relative Pathnames

Path or location in current directory tree is ether refereed to as Absolute or Relative. Lets take a look at what they are. Absolute Path: Absolute path also known as full or fully qualified path points to a file or directory in relation to / . When we execute pwd command we get absolute path.

Choosing private IPv4 address range for internal network

If you are in IT consulting field many times you will be assigned task of creating IPv4 addressing for enterprise. Here we will pass on to you our experience of designing internal IP addressing using private IP range. On internal network we will use private IP range which is defined in RFC 1918.

Yum package manager basic commands

Lets take a look at basic yum commands so we can list packages, repositories and also install update packages. Installing and updating Lets take a look at installing wget package. -y switch specifies that we answer Y to run install