Yum package manager basic commands

Lets take a look at basic yum commands so we can list packages, repositories and also install update packages.

Installing and updating

Lets take a look at installing wget package. -y switch specifies that we answer Y to run install

yum -y install wget

To update package

 yum -y update wget

To update or install group of packages

yum -y group install "System Management"
yum -y group update "System Management"

To view header information for the package or group

yum info wget "package"
yum group info "package group"

In some cases we need to check for package updates

yum check-update

To remove package

yum remove -y "package"

Listing and searching for available packages

List all installed packages

yum list installed

List packages available for installation

yum list available

To see if the package is installed or available

yum list wget 

To list all installed that begin with wg*…

yum list installed wg*

To list recently added packages

yum list recent

List summary of available groups

yum groups summary

List all groups available for installation

yum group list

Search for packages with specific file

yum provides "filename"

Find available packages from specific repository. In this example we will use demolocal repo we created before

yum --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo="demolocal" list available

Transaction History

To view information from history database

yum history list 
yum history list all